Sunday meetings at 9.30am
All visitors welcome

Communion Service

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The Communion

On Sundays every week we gather together as families and individuals to worship God and participate in the Communion. This is the high point of the week. We do not consider it a ritual or a ceremony but a participation in the body and blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ calls every believer, by faith, to ‘eat of His body’ and ‘drink of His blood’. At some point during the service we will be given the elements representing the bread and wine (biscuit and juice) and all participate together in the eating and drinking.

Each week we wait for the Holy Spirit’s leading. He leads us to sing known songs as well as to harmonize together and worship God in what the Bible calls, ‘spiritual songs’. Some individuals will lead us in spontaneous songs of praise, worship or prophecy either vocally or with their musical instrument.

While we wait on the Holy Spirit, gifts of the Spirit, such as prophecy, words of knowledge and wisdom, gifts of healing, will come to prepare us for the week to come so that we can be led and walk out all that the Lord has for us.

We are called to ‘discern the body’ as we come and participate in the communion. This means that we will submit to the lordship of the Holy Spirit to be fully found in our unique place in His body, loving, giving and receiving.

All are welcome to attend the communion service and to participate in the bread and the cup with us.