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Our Song

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Our song comes from a deep love and appreciation of the relationship and fellowship we have with God and the offering that was made for our inclusion.

Song and music play a very large part in our life as a Christian community. The word of God spoken to us is fresh and relevant and the message finds its way into a range of new compositions from week to week. Original hymns and choruses are constantly being written, and these songs form a large part of our worship repertoire, alongside well known favourites from the public domain.

A training programme prepares over 500 singers and musicians of all ages to take part in our various gatherings and Sunday services. As a result, our children and youth programmes, and all of our gatherings, are enriched with an array of original songs.

Major works include 'The Jerusalem Passion' and 'Firstborn Song of Songs'. Recordings of other original music include the youth album 'Hearts in Bethel', 'Heart Crashers' and ‘Something New’ by The Shekels and two albums from Christian Women's Fellowship - 'Generous Soul' and 'Keeping Your Word'. The journey of our song from its beginnings forty years ago is captured in the collection, 'Songs of Our Pilgrimage'. The milestones on our journey as a church are marked out by the songs chosen for this album.

Our resource library also includes a number of full length musicals. 'The Passage Over', for example, is a musical revue written by the youth of BCF, and uses nautical themes to communicate the journey of Christian conversion.

Published music also includes a songbook for the children's programme (Sonseekers), our full repertoire of hymns and choruses, various choral and orchestral anthems, and youth and community songs for all occasions.

Overall, our song is a very clear reflection of the blessing of God, His presence with us, our rich friendship and fellowship and our vision for the future.

The message of God’s life has brought a fellowship of faith, and the joy of this fellowship overflows in constant song. Our life of song has yielded a full repertoire of worship music, which is available as a 'use and copy freely' resource to others.