Sunday meetings at 9.30am
All visitors welcome

Songs from Sunday

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High quality recordings of original songs from our latest events.

  • You are our Good Shepherd (Joshua Hay)
  • Behold our King (Lachlan & Melanie Perrin)
  • By Our Lord Jesus (Joshua Hay)
  • The Lord Our God is One (Michael Fox)
  • By His Knowledge (Joshua Hay)
  • The Wondrous Cross (Lachlan & Melanie Perrin)
  • Circumcise My Heart (Lachlan & Melanie Perrin)
  • Wash Us By Your Word (Thomas Miller & Michael Fox)
  • Sons of God (Vicki Davies)
  • Abba Father (Lachlan & Melanie Perrin)
  • This is the Will of God (Lachlan & Melanie Perrin)
  • Your Word is Settled Forever (Luke Pomery)
  • I Will Greatly Rejoice (Joshua Hay)
  • Growing as Firstfruits (Lachlan Perrin)
  • The Word of God is Near (Joshua Hay)
  • Come and Be a Son (Lachlan & Melanie Perrin)
  • Renew Us by Your Spirit (Simon Laidely)
  • Here I Am Found (Maggie Hay)
  • My Heart Cries Abba Father (Nicole Watson)
  • He Will Make Me Adequate (Penelope Smith)