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The shame of fear

The account of the fall of mankind teaches us that shame is not simply the emotions of embarrassment or regret that are associated with errant behaviour. Shame is the consequence of a person’s disconnection from the life of God and their predestined name, which are only found in fellowship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is the evidence that mankind has quantifiably lost something. As such, shame is an indelible trait of fallen human nature.

People are ashamed because of their loss of unity with God and with others. Because they are ashamed, fallen men and women engage in all manner of activities to conceal their fear. However, fear should be a true motivation for repentance, causing them to turn to the Lord so that they can receive His word and be reconnected with Him. In this fellowship, the nakedness of their disconnection from the word of their sonship can be properly addressed. As the psalmist wrote, ‘May my heart be blameless [complete; or having integrity] in Your statutes [word], so that I will not be ashamed’. Psa 110:80.