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The gospel preached to Abraham

The apostle Paul was appointed by the Lord as an apostle to the Gentiles. Act 22:21. The Lord commanded him, saying, ‘I have placed you as a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the end of the earth.’ Act 13:47. Paul received the gospel that he preached in every place, directly from Jesus Christ. It was the same gospel that Christ had preached during His earthly ministry. It was the gospel of sonship. Paul recognised that the gospel that he had received from Christ and preached among all the Gentile nations had first been preached to Abraham. Gal 3:8.

Paul continued by saying that those who are ‘of faith are blessed with Abraham the believer’. Gal 3:9. He defined the blessing of Abraham that is available to all believers in Christ as the promise of the Spirit. Gal 3:14. This promise is fulfilled in the life of a believer when they are born again as a son of God. During the process of new birth, a believer will receive the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Father, and the Spirit of the Son. Joh 14:16-17,23. Eph 3:17. All three Members of the Godhead are integrally involved in the birthing process, and come, personally, to take up residence in the heart of a son of God.

The gospel preached to Abraham is the gospel of sonship that must be preached in all nations. Every believer is called to receive the same faith that Abraham received, and to walk in the same steps of faith that he walked as the father of all who believe. Rom 4:12,16. The gospel that was preached to Abraham has significant implications for every individual son of God, but it also has significant implications for how sonship is received and appropriated in every covenant household.